Your Swimmer is Going to be a Brainiac!

Can you say, SCHOLARSHIP?

Our job teaching students at SWIMkids USA is so worth it. We’re both saving lives and preparing our students for successful college careers.

Wait a second. That seems like an awful lot to assert, right? Wrong!

From 2009 to 2013, researchers from Griffith University collected data from our swim school students (as well as little swimmers from Australia and New Zealand), and what they discovered is truly amazing.

On average, early swimmers are seven months ahead of their peers in motor achievement, as well as 10 months ahead both cognitively and linguistically. So that means: advanced development in locomotion, grasping skills and visual motor integration. Cognitively and linguistically, the early-developed abilities include better mathematic reasoning, reading and comprehension skills as well as an improved ability to recall short stories and to listen and follow directions. Check out the official report here.

When your kids are finally ready for their first day of kindergarten, they’ll be miles ahead of their classmates.

But the crucial advantages don’t stop there!

Did you know there are a ton of swimming scholarships available?

That’s right. If you start your kids in swimming early, then they have a serious chance at knocking out collegiate debt.

Swimming doesn’t just save lives- it saves money in the long run, and it grows the brain!

Do you know your ABCs?

Learn your ABCs to stay safe and enjoy the rest of your summer!

Learn your ABCs to stay safe and enjoy the rest of your summer!

Well, the monsoons have finally arrived. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be avoiding the pool!

To keep children (and adults!) safe around water, you must practice the ABCs of safety from SRP Safety Connection.


Use  touch supervision, and make sure to practice eye-to-eye contact around any and all bodies of water. Constant vigilance is the first key to avoiding tragedies!


Use layers of protection to stop children from reaching the pool. Safely lock all doggy doors, windows, gates and regular doors to prevent kids from getting outside without your knowledge. (Installing door, window and pool alarms isn’t a bad idea, either.)


At SWIMkids USA, your child can become accustomed to the water as early as 6 weeks. We also believe that all caregivers should know CPR, and we offer hands-on classes at least four times a year. Our next class is Saturday, August 23. Follow this link for more information.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments, or check out our website or Facebook page for more information!