Combating Fear with Trust

Across the nation, there are two popular approaches to teaching infants to swim. The first is a fight-or-flight method, and the second is a trusting, nurturing environment.

We’re pretty sure you know where we fall.

Did you know triggering a fight or flight mindset hinders brain development? That’s the last thing you want to happen to a toddler.

At SWIMkids USA, we have worked to combat the fears of countless students. Our method is based on a loving, nurturing environment, where the child and instructor share mutual trust. While we encourage kids to push themselves outside of their comfort zones, we never take them beyond that which they can handle safely and happily.

We want them to enjoy swimming, so it becomes a lifelong skill that could save them in an emergency.

Fighting Childhood Depression with FITkids USA

At SWIMkids USA, we highlight the development of the entire child, rather than simply focusing on swimming alone.

A new study has found that keeping your kids (especially girls) in shape helps to fight the symptoms of depression. We’re not surprised! After all, how many times has a walk in the fresh air made you feel better? Imagine the benefits of daily exercise!

Here’s an excerpt from the press release from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. You can read the full article here, or check out what the APA wrote here.

” ‘Fitness is not a cure-all, but it’s a small piece of a larger problem,’ said Ruggero. He noted that depression is also linked to a higher body mass index (BMI), a measurement used to assess if a person has a healthy weight for their height. In addition, middle school is a time when fitness levels drop off, weight increases and depression increases.”

In the spring, we realized that we needed to do more to combat the American obesity epidemic. In response, our team of childhood development experts created FITkids USA, and piloted the program this summer.

Now, it’s here to stay.

The hour-long physical conditioning class is for both the elite athlete and the sedentary child. We work to develop their skill in everything from plyometrics to flexibility and core strength.

Give your kids what they need for a more confident future.

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DANCEkids USA Boosts Brains!

Our dancers are already excited for the 2014 Winter Recital!

Our dancers are already excited for the 2014 Winter Recital!

Lately, we have been blogging all about the brain boosting benefits of swimming at an early age.

But did you know that dancing helps develop the brain, too? At SWIMkids USA, we cross-train athletes in dance to improve coordination and rhythm. Whether it’s hip-hop, ballet, tap or jazz, our DANCEkids USA program does it all.

So, why is dancing so beneficial to a child’s brain development? Well, it helps the brain to form better judgement and forethought, and helps the organ produce a protein that stimulates neural communication- that means smoother social interactions, and faster reaction times.

How can your child reap those benefits?

The answer is simple. Dance at least once per week! And that could mean formal classes, or casual dance parties around the dishwasher during chore time.

In fact, we’re giving you the chance to try the fruits of dance! Saturdays August 23 and September 6, we’ll be bouncing to the beat with our Back to School Dance Parties, and on Saturday, August 30, we’re hosting a Family Fitness Zumba Party. It’s only $5 for each participant, so sign up and get dancing!

Call us at (480)820-9109 for more information, or to sign up for a dance trial class or one of our parties.

And remember- keep dancing!