Top 3 Reasons to Have Your Child Participate in a Swim Meet

There are many reasons to have your child participate in a swim meet, but we’ve managed to whittle down our list to an all-star top three.

1. Stress Management– Meeting new people, swimming in an unfamiliar pool and having a hectic schedule all contribute to your child’s stress levels. However, working with the swim team to compete in an encouraging environment will help your kiddo make it through, and learn how to manage stress at an early age.

2. Healthy Competition–  Did you know that team activities and competition can boost performance and learning? Your child has the chance to make friends, exercise and compete- all wrapped up into one experience. And as much as we cringe to say it, everyone has to experience losing every now and again. (We can’t be perfect all the time!) Learning not to be a sore loser early benefits everyone.

3. Pride in Accomplishments– There’s nothing quite as satisfying as working hard and accomplishing a goal. Success at a swim meet means that your child did their best, and is able to enjoy the fruits of a win, whether personal or with the team.

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