Repetition, Repetition, Repetition! The FAST TRACK to success.

Koryne at practiceKoryne ballet photo
Here’s a quote that caught my attention today! “A baseball swing is a very finely tuned instrument. It is repetition, and more repetition, then a little more after that.” (Reggie Jackson, 1984)

That quote is courtesy of the inspiring former baseball player who was nick-named “Mr. October” because of his talent for coming up with the “big” hit.

Reggie Jackson was the athlete who could make the game deciding-hit for his team and repetition was his secret to success.

We have an awesome little swimmer at SWIMkids USA and Desert Thunder Aquatics Swim Club who makes a difference for her team. Her name is Koryne and she has set 8 team records during her four years with SWIMkids USA!

Koryne, age 6, goes to work out with her DTAC Swim Club 8 & Under swim team not just one time a week. She goes every Tuesday and Friday.

Her coach, Justin Richardson will tell you that her best stroke is butterfly and her greatest accomplishment this year is “making it to the swim team at such a young age, and completing the 100 individual medley on her first try without disqualifying”.

Coach Justin says is her secret to success is exactly the same as that of “Mr. October”. “It is her consistency in practice, a true passion for the water and her regular swim meet and practice attendance,” Richardson says.

Koryne’s mom, Eunice agrees, repetition, repetition, repetition!

“Koryne constantly pushes herself to do better, besides practices and meets, she takes it upon herself to practice at home almost daily,” Eunice says.

Everyone who has had the pleasure of watching Koryne agrees, this young lady’s determination and love for the sport of swimming at such a young age is exceptional.

In her free time, Koryne studies ballet, gymnastics and plays soccer.

For athletes like Koryne, SWIMkids USA created .FAST TRACK It runs between Sept. and a way for families to save money when they sign their child up for a second weekly activity.

SWIMkids USA Founder Lana Whitehead says another bonus of FAST TRACK is that winter is the best time to take swim lessons because outdoor home pools are too cold for practice. “If young children discontinue their lessons during colder months, they tend to lose the swim skills they have been learning all summer,” Whitehead says. “When they continue their lessons during the Fall and Winter, their progression continues preparing them for the skills they need to be safer and more proficient around water.”

Year-round swimming participation accelerates the physical, cognitive and social development of our little athletes. Because we are all so inspired by Koryne we used her as the model in our ad this month! Check it out in the September editions of AZ Parenting magazine and SWIMkids USA ad September 2015 AZ Parenting