We are your Arizona water safety experts. Our mission is to save lives while providing a captivating environment where children love to learn.

How are we different?

We practice direct teaching to mastery. This means that we teach each child based on their individual skill level until their skills become automatic. Our first priority is safety, because we are here to save lives.

We start with the basics. First, we work to get your little one comfortable in the water. This is done in a controlled, loving and safe environment. If your child were to fall in the pool, could he save himself? Our goal is to prepare your kids to have an automatic response that would save their lives if they were to fall into a body of water.

Our method works. 16-month-old Max was pushed into his hot tub by the family’s Great Dane, and he saved himself with the skills he learned at SWIMkids USA.

Curious about our method? Follow us here, then give us a call at (480) 820-9109 to try a free class.

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