DANCEkids USA Boosts Brains!

Our dancers are already excited for the 2014 Winter Recital!

Our dancers are already excited for the 2014 Winter Recital!

Lately, we have been blogging all about the brain boosting benefits of swimming at an early age.

But did you know that dancing helps develop the brain, too? At SWIMkids USA, we cross-train athletes in dance to improve coordination and rhythm. Whether it’s hip-hop, ballet, tap or jazz, our DANCEkids USA program does it all.

So, why is dancing so beneficial to a child’s brain development? Well, it helps the brain to form better judgement and forethought, and helpsĀ the organ produce a protein that stimulates neural communication- that means smoother social interactions, and faster reaction times.

How can your child reap those benefits?

The answer is simple. Dance at least once per week! And that could mean formal classes, orĀ casual dance parties around the dishwasher during chore time.

In fact, we’re giving you the chance to try the fruits of dance! Saturdays August 23 and September 6, we’ll be bouncing to the beat with our Back to School Dance Parties, and on Saturday, August 30, we’re hosting a Family Fitness Zumba Party. It’s only $5 for each participant, so sign up and get dancing!

Call us at (480)820-9109 for more information, or to sign up for a dance trial class or one of our parties.

And remember- keep dancing!